Go Find Yourself

Is there something in you that knows that there is more than all this? Something much bigger than money, recognition, cars, big houses, fame…and stuff?

Is there an innate sense in you deep deep down, far far in, that you are eternally connected and belong to something really big- yet it’s indescribable, but you can feel it as “familiar”?

It’s that feeling you get when you look up at the stars in wonderment of what’s out there, it’s that feeling you get when you close your eyes and sit in stillness and start to listen what’s in there, not to the voices in your head, but the intelligence of the universe within you. It is that feeling we are all one- that there is no “other”, that there is an angelic love around us and within us that touches everything.

Most of us just don’t remember who we are, why we are here and what our soul purpose is. But, we are slowly opening our eyes and heart to it, and that is why you are reading this- we are all “waking-up”. The collective consciousness is shifting.

This is perhaps the most exciting time in our existence on this planet, and evolving into your power and connecting to your soul is the highest form of achievement; it’s becoming conscious and deeply rooted within so the external world does not affect your internal world. It is so you can reconnect with your soul and become “one” again. WE are all here to raise our consciousness collectively.

It is my soul purpose to share everything I know, everything I have been taught, everything I have studied, places I’ve been, places I am going and to share my stories. We are all students and teachers on this Earth-School.

If you want to dive deeper and perhaps learn to navigate through these times from my own personal experiences and knowledge, please email me at Ken@gofindyourself.ca

Metta (lovingkindness)

Ken Childs

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