Listed below are just some of the many courageous people who have been leading the movement of telling the Truth. You may want to follow them and their accounts.

Don’t Speak News

American Frontline Doctors

Max Igan – truth bombs

Anne Vandersteel – medical and political truth 

Garrett White – truth bombs and God

434 – Peter Hedron – Teachings of the metaphysical, plant based medicine and alternative realities

Brighteon – alternative news

Stew Peters. – investigative news

David Icke – original conspiracy theorist truth seeker

John Moore. – truth and preparedness –

Bjorn Andreas – YouTuber

Majestic Eyes Only – investigative information  –

Ice Age Farmer – farming, politic, climate.

Steve Fletcher– god and politics.

Mike Adams –  politics and health

for more links to truth news, politics and spirituality, click the tabs under “Get Prepared”

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