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My 12 Buddha-style cool moves to Wake-Up

  1. · I did Ayahuasca at Rythmia to open my heart and find a new path
  2. · I decided to take action to stop my suffering by letting-go
  3. · I am Meditating twice a day, in the morning when I get up and before I go to bed. If I’m lucky I do a third meditation in the afternoon.
  4. · I have completely restricted myself from TV and limited my social media time and the mundane
  5. · I am reading books on consciousness, lots of them, and I am enjoying the space between the thoughts, as they grow:)
  6. · I am now experiencing my life and the world through my own eyes and not through a screen
  7. · I am trying my best to eat only high vibrational organic, non-GMO plant-based foods
  8. · I am drinking, almost exclusively, room temperature spring water from a 15-litre glass jug (no toxic plastic, no waste), and from a 100% copper travel flask
  9. · I am continuously practicing loving-kindness daily with myself, my family, and everyone I meet
  10. · I am fully engaged in attention and connection when speaking to people
  11. · I am sharing my love and strength with others at every opportunity
  12. · I am constantly inquiring and resolving and letting-go the deep-rooted issues that are holding me back from who I really want to be and the happiness I truly deserve


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