The Ascension Process

To “ascend” is the process of leaving the current dimension, this physical reality, through the transformational process into higher states of consciousness to a non-physical state of reality of the 4th and 5th dimension.

When we say we are “working on ourselves”, we are referring to practicing a combination of behaviours and states of “being” that align with LOVE – living through the heart to achieve ultimate liberation of suffering. Enlightenment is the highest state of consciousness and vibration that exists, while apathy is the lowest state of existence. Dr. David Hawkins, the author of the The Map of Consciousness (also available on Audible) clearly differentiates the hierarchy of our human emotional states that are linked to our vibrational frequency as it progresses up the scale until dissolution into the ether.


Intention Meditation

Loving Yourself

Transmuting Karma

Self Healing

Raising Your Vibration

Transmuting Fear

Serving Others

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