the agenda

We are currently in the midst of World War 3.

Mainstream media won’t tell you that, the politicians won’t either, nor will the technocrats. They are all in on it.

The hand of the “Controllers” is coming down on the citizens of earth with lockdowns, mandates, violence and imprisonment for non-compliance, and it’s just the beginning. This war isn’t being fought with bombs and tanks- its being fought with propaganda, technology and psychological warfare.

The Controllers are in a hurry to depopulate the planet and force tyranny on every person by eliminating every citizen their rights and freedoms while sabotaging and imprisoning those who do not comply. We are in the “End of Days” stages according to many religions and ancient cultures who foresaw this moment in time.

But, we do not have to comply. We do not have to acquiesce. We do not have to play their game, and we must not play on the level they are seeking.

It is of vital importance that we change our perceptions, our mindset and our energy to a level where negativity and harm towards us does not penetrate. When the power of LOVE overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. Jimi Hendrix.

My wish is to help you find strength, clarity, inspiration and courage to take action, both for your safety and for future generations. You need to protect yourself, secure your home and family and prepare mentally for the storms ahead.

If you are looking to deepen your knowledge, find strength, courage and confidence to face what is unfolding. you will find it here on this site and on the videos, and my YouTube channel gofindyourself- Ken Childs

Once enough of us ignite the courage within and stand up for the truth, we will begin the process of change.