spiritual awakening

“We do not “come into” this world; we come out of it, as leaves from a tree.” – Alan Watts.

During a very deep metaphysical Ayahuasca experience I left my body and entered the realm of what I consider to be the After-life, the place we go when we leave this physical earth. While I was travelling through what could only be described as interstellar space, the quantum field, I was aware of my being-ness as an energy source absorbed and intertwined with the whole of everything. That field was immense, all encompassing, omnipresent . I felt the depth of a benevolent energy as a constant flow of unconditional fathomless love within me and all around me permeating from a central point ahead. As I got closer the shear magnitude of this immensely powerful energy it started to swell my heart where I could feel it push against my chest cavity making breathing difficult yet painless.

I then came into view of the centre of the universe- there I could see where God, Source, The Divine Creator, as an energy within an indescribably breathtakingly beautiful and brilliant nebula of stars clusters, spectrums of colourful gas clouds and planets of all sizes dotted within.

At this point the sheer intensity of the vibration of a LOVE so deep, so rich, so glorious took my entire breath from me and left me in a state of bliss, nirvana, enlightenment, as I started to weep being overcome with with joy and love. Later on after the ayahuasca ceremony, people that were laying closest to me said I was weeping out loud, but not in pain, but surrender.

There is much more to my story and please watch it here. My message to you is that we are guided, there is more after this, and we need not be afraid, but excited to return home where we came from after we fulfill our mission.

WE are spiritual beings having a human experience.

We are here on earth to spread LOVE, by being love.

The following video on the journey IN is narrated by Allan Watts watch

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