What I teach is the basics of Why, How and When of meditation, and the lessons of the Buddhist and Hindu teachings behind it. The Why includes learning the mental, emotional and physiological benefits of mindfulness and meditation and how it rewires your brain and creates more happiness and peace.

The How is a process of instruction and practice. The When is the basics for optimum beneficial times to include it in your everyday life to find more peace, happiness and balance.

Mindfulness and meditation is really a beautiful thing to introduce into one’s life.

1/2 hour (up to 2 people) $75

1 hour (up to 4 people) $140

1 hour (5 to 10 people) $180

Each additional person is $10 more

1 hour (25 or more people)  $250 flat rate

2 hour workshops-  $20 per person

Additional costs:

  • Travel $0.40/km
  • Travel time may be charged at an additional $25/hour
  • Parking

to reserve a time for a class or if you wish further information, please contact here