Private Meditation

Learn the how, what, why of Meditation and how it can build self-love, happiness and more joy

Offering one-on-one training and coaching starting on the basics to understanding the how, why and when of Meditation. As follows:


Meditation is the process of “inner listening”.


Meditation in its simplest form is sitting in a comfortable position in a quiet space, focussing your attention to a single point or object i.e. breathing, candle flame, etc., and allowing the thoughts that come into mind pass-by without attaching to them or thinking about them, and gently returning your attention to your point of focus. When you always refocus your attention when you lose attention, is


People who meditate regularly encounter more peace, happiness, joy, compassion, forgiveness, non-judgement and love. They also feel less stress, anger, jealousy, resentment, fear, anxiety, and depression. Meditation raises your conscious awareness and helps in creation of positive feelings and emotional wellbeing. The process of connecting into the subconscious mind also enhances cognitive thinking, improves memory, inner healing and self-discovery.  People who meditate simply say they feel happier and more connected to life.

Instruction in the privacy of your own home or in studio can be from 1 person up to 10 people.

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How Meditation Works

Meditation is not about building yourself up or trying to be a certain way.

It is not about becoming a peaceful person
 or a wise person or even an enlightened person.

In meditation you simply become aware 
of what is here.
 You turn your focus 
back upon yourself and notice what presents itself.
 If you do this, the ego structure begins to be peeled away, behind all the desires, distractions, opinions, beliefs, worries
 and emotions.

Behind everything that the mind has built upon itself in order to feel important
 and in control is something overwhelmingly tender and vulnerable, even painful. A sense of being very small and alone
 and all of the fear and helplessness that goes with it begins to appear.
 And by survival instinct,
you don’t want to feel it, you don’t want to see it.
 The very drive of the ego is to get as far away from this vulnerability as possible. You want to fit in or at least stand out.
 Nobody wants to be a nobody.

But if you can, allow yourself to feel it.

If you can surrender and allow yourself to be that small helpless nobody, if you allow it all to be as it is at the very core, 
then you fall into the essence which is behind it.
 You become immersed in what is behind it.
 And that is love,
that is peace.

You do not have love and peace
as though it was an object to attain, you dissolve into it.
It bubbles up from your essence and spills into every level of your being 
because you have let go of the very idea of trying to be a “someone”.

A true introduction back-to-self, to know the essence of who you are is to know the essence of your creator.

Ken Childs

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