Group Meditation

Practice with new friends, old friends and family

Group Meditation  is one of the best ways for you and your friends, family or colleagues to elevate your relationships and learning the fundamentals of Meditation together. It is fun to learn and practice with friends and family as your progress will improve with the support and camaraderie of those close to you.

Meditate together.

Meditation and Mindfulness helps you become able to adjust and handle the ever increasing distractions and stress of everyday life.

Learning about meditation and mindfulness and why it is so important to your emotion, physical and phycological health is a stimulating and educational experience that builds oneself’s inner perspective and leads to healing and transformation into higher realms of consciousness and awareness, and ultimately to profound happiness and joy.

Host a “Meditation Party”. Sounds a little weird? Not really, it’s quite fun and experiential. It’s a social get-together with friends but with a theme; for all of all of you to share your interest in becoming more mindful, peaceful and centred, thus becoming more happy.  

Start calling your friends now to get your group together..

For more information please contact me at 613-503-0134