Exemption Letters – Mask & Vaccinations

Thank you for your patience as we are processing many requests and making sure we reply to everyone.

Due to the lawyer notarizing via virtual appointments, in addition to in-person appointments, we are able to offer exemption letters across Canada!If you have any medical documentation supporting an exemption from your doctor, bring that with you to the appointment. Examples of medical proof include but not limited to:- Medication/documented doctor notes, charts (past or present)
– Any paper trails stating: Anxiety, PTSD, Depression, Panic Attacks, Asthma etc.

Otherwise, the lawyer is notarizing the letters based on conscientious and/or religious beliefs/creed. Below is the information regarding EXEMPTION LETTERS. The letters are a sworn-in affidavit notarized by a lawyer. The notary location is in Brampton, if you are unable to physically go in person, a Virtual Commission option is available and the document will be mailed to you.

Payment can be made via etransfer at info@patriotcircle.ca
Security Question: What Country Do We Live In? 
Security Answer: Canada

Price List:
Mask Exemption letter – $30/each In Person
Mask Exemption letter – $55/each Virtual Commission
Vax Exemption letter – $50/each In Person
Vax Exemption letter – $60/each Virtual Commission
Cease & Desist – $5 (w/o notary) – If you prefer to have it notarized on your own
Cease & Desist – $30 (w/notary) 
Cease & Desist – $55 (w/notary virtual commission)
Notice of Liability (Vaccine) – $5

* Virtual Commission – Original Doc will be mailed out to you *
* Patriot O welcomes donations (Donations go toward the website, information flyers and distribution) *

When forwarding your request via email, please Include:
Full Name(s) – As seen on your government ID (drivers license, passport, birth certificate)
Virtual Commission or In Person 
Mask Exemption and/or Vax Exemption
Phone # (in case we need to contact you personally)

In the Email Transfer Note, please include:
Your Name 
Virtual or In PersonMask X and/or Vax X Once Payment is Received:You will be given the information of the lawyer to schedule your In-Person or Virtual Commission Let me know if you have any other questions.—

Patriot Circle O

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