get ready

If you are reading this, it means you have chosen to be here on earth at this time for the purpose of waking up, and adding your vibration to the collective humanity, (more on Waking-Up here

We are in the midst of THE Third World War, fought with technology, propaganda, and phycological warfare.

The Controllers want to depopulate the planet, control all resources, all economies, all beliefs, thoughts and freedoms.

This “entity” – described as Darkness, cannot continue with an awakened conscious population.

Within you, you have incredible power to manifest anything, including the ability to raise the collective vibration on this planet  where abundance, unity and love overpowers the darkness.

The loving-intelligence that is guiding this planetary change is calling for you to stand up and shine your light energy vibration of LOVE – the greatest power in the universe.

Now is the time to get strong, be brave and courageous and prepare for what is coming.

Now is the time to find that divine energy, face yourself, your fears and stand up for humanity.

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