About Ken


I do not know everything and some say I know nothing, I am not special, I never claimed to have walked on water. I will share what I have learned and where it came from. I will try my best to answer questions, but I am not going to heal anyone, or fix anyone, or teach anyone a lesson or tell them how to live…that is their work.


I have no idea.  However, I learned a few things in life I think is worthy of sharing. My psychological and emotional growth comes from the vast experiences and the insightful knowledge of diving deep into trying to solve the pain and problems in my life. My life was anything but fulfilling. I was in conflict with just about everybody and everything. I was exhausted of the crazy modern day hyper-rat-race and the personal issues that came with it. Let me tell you, there were many many big issues.

To escape from my mind and the crazy things it was saying and making me do, I started doing yoga, then reading books. Then I found myself in an Ashram in the Bahamas where my initial stay was for just one week. Three weeks later I came back home feeling more connected and happier than I have in a very long time, so I kept going back. The next thing I knew I was on a plane flying across the ocean to seek out some very ancient wisdom and practices from some very blissed-out people in orange robes in far away places. I was gone for a long time as I travelled across India, Nepal, Thailand and Bali, and then back to Thailand for a long while. When I came home I was changed, and I then started seeking out retreats and courses on anything that would lead me further down the rabbit hole.  What I studied and experienced in my travels was a different way to live life. I was finding me.


While living in Ashrams and Monasteries with Swami’s and Monks as my teachers, I studied Hinduism, Buddhism, Tantra and Yoga. The answers to my serious questions, like: “how the hell did I get here?” and “what is the meaning to all this?” and “why are you wearing orange?” all began to be revealed as I further explored my “inner-self“; the who am I? Living in these spiritual places are a story unto itself, which I will share in my posts.

I also learned a very important but profound lesson from a snake in Thailand who bit me. Of course he had to be the second most poisonous snake that exists in the country, plus I was on a remote island in the middle of nowhere. More on that life-clinging lesson later, but I did learn to ‘contemplate my death’.


I continue to expand my knowledge at the Centre for Mindfulness at the University of Toronto in Mindfulness Contemplative Studies Level 1 and Level 2 Certification, as well as training for my Mediation Teacher Certification. I am also trained and certified in Transcendental Meditation (TM).


I also attend Vipassana ten-day silent meditations, travel to the Bahamas Sivananda Retreat as well as the Omega Institute in Rhineback NY to take courses and experiential training. I also am learning the practice of Kriya Yoga through the (SRF), Self-Realization Fellowship in Encinitas California founded by the late Swami Paramahansa Yogananda.


Yup! My latest adventure is exploring Ayahuasca at the Rythmia Institute in Costa Rica in February 2019 for the second time.


Enjoy my posts, stories and tools of what I am learning to enjoy my life more fully in this ever increasing fast paced and crazy world. I hope you join me on my path to a more joyous, loving and connected way of life through meditation and mindfulness into your everyday life.

Please feel free to switch channels if you wish, but first give it a try for a bit. Learning is never immediate.

Thank you.

Ken Childs


initiation into the buddhist monastery in Thailand