About Ken

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Ken Childs is an educator of self-discovery teaching people and companies how to raise their Conscious Awareness through self-inquiry by daily practices self-awareness, concentration, mindfulness and meditation. These assets create profound effects on the level of contentment, happiness and success in your life even through the most difficult times. These were Ken’s lessons.

In his late-thirties as a successful businessman Ken lost control of his life and began a long personal battle with drugs, alcohol and sex addiction that led him astray alienating his family, friends, and colleagues and ultimately claiming bankruptcy which landed him in therapy for depression and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Feeling unsatisfied with his progress and having an urgent need for finding happiness and a deeper connection to himself, he began to study the science of the Yogic way of life which led him to spend time living in various Ashrams and Monasteries travelling across Asia and through North America. His interest in Hinduism, Buddhism, Tantra and Quantum Physics revealed great lessons and insights that crystalized a sense of forgiveness and self-love that he also recognized society as a hole struggles with.

Ken continued his learning at the University of Toronto’s Mindfulness Studies Program, as well as taking various courses at the Omega Institute in New York State and going to South America for retreats on Breath-work and Meditation.

Kens fascination and continued journey led him to the ancient plant medicine of the Amazon, Ayahuasca. There in South America, Ken’s profound experiences and insights gave him clarity to pursue his purpose in teaching how to move from the past and into a new state of being.

Ken’s teachings and courses are a must for those who want to find what is deep in their heart, find their purpose in life, and create abundance and self-mastery.

Ken lives in tranquil Picton ON Canada and travels to speak to his audiences.

For inquires, and to speak with Ken, he can be reached by email at Ken@gofindyourself.ca