2020 is all about LESS


Simplify your life.

That concept just might be your biggest needle-mover in 2020.

In this complex world where it seems everyone in the last few years continues to be laser focused on getting rich, getting famous and outdoing the Jones’s, it’s almost impossible to simply keep up. However, there is something about these desires that the majority on that path is missing- and that is “Consciousness”.

Social media in recent years has manufactured a wave of unconscious consumers who are racing to buy things with money they don’t have. Going into debt in order to keep up with what’s cool, what gets you in the club, and gets you accepted is the new norm. But, is it satisfying and meaningful? Have you made the smartest investment with your hard-earned money? Is this real happiness?

Let’s sit for a moment and consider how far this runaway consumer society has gotten out of control.

First- debt: People feeling they need to buy things with borrowed money to fit in. The emotional cost of having that pressure is daunting, especially if one cannot afford to keep up with all the new styles and what’s cool. In any given moment, someone’s social media post that goes viral now has you in a rush to buy on-line or go out to the stores to purchase those shoes, that sweater, those pants, that car, that gadget, all just so you can be seen wearing or using it. Ultimately, it’s to feel accepted and be a part of the clan and pepper your ego. Reality is, we can shop our way to the poor-house trying to keep up. Emotionally, this destructive behaviour comes from feeling lack. More on that later.

Unconscious consumerism is a social sickness. And the more we feel divided, alone, unimportant and feeling spiritual lack, the more we look to the outside for things that we think will ultimately give us a sense of worthiness and acceptance. So, we need to feel good, but it’s a sweet and sour deal: the item of purchase temporarily makes us feel important, but the stressed induced from not being able to afford it keeps us up at night and in a state of angst.

Unfortunately, our collective human condition is the wantonness for “more”. We’re never satisfied, it’s never enough, that is until we become “conscious”.

Second: The toll on the planet from unconscious consumerism is huge. This disposable society throws away whatever was previously cherished that we were goo-goo over when it was purchased, now lays in a corner of the house, in a dump, in a river, on a beach or in the ocean.

Every product, every possible thing that is made and manufactured comes from resources buried in the ground or growing in the soil on this planet. We don’t get materials from space, not yet. We have to dig up the earth for the raw materials and the by-product of the manufacturing is toxic gas, toxic water, toxic air, toxic sludge, and clutter that ultimately ends up being digested through the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and into our blood stream. Once there, it creates disease and early death.

A report by the Business Insider July 2019 article reports “One class of pollutant found in breast milk all over the world (but particularly in the US) is flame retardants, or chemicals designed to keep items from catching fire. The chemicals have been linked to thyroid cancerADHD, and decreases in children’s IQs. They can be transferred from mother to child.

The European Food Safety Authority has determined that breast-fed infants consume up to 20 to 30 times more PBDEs (a type of flame retardant used in building materials, electronics, furniture, and textiles) than the general population”.

What is alarming is that most people seem unaware that a baby in the womb already is being exposed to all these toxic chemicals through their mother’s blood, fluids and energetic field. Mother and baby are one, not separate. More on that later.

Climate change certainly does look real. Ask yourself is your new shoes or purse or phone that you really didn’t need has anything to do with it? We can all point to the petroleum companies and blame them for the state of affairs, but as long as people have this hunger to shop mindlessly to fill up closets and monster homes and garages of toys, we’ll experience more of the same and even worse to come. But, don’t get mad at the fossil fuel companies, they are just delivering the fuel to make these products that you keep purchasing. Enough people stop buying something, that business changes fast or goes out of business. If people want change, they also have to change what they buy. If ego is involved, unfortunately all bets are off, people with sensitive and unmanaged egos will satisfy their cravings regardless of the downside. The only way to supress the ego is “waking up” and becoming “conscious”. More on that later.

So why are we feeling “lack”. I personally believe it’s because we have lost control of our ability to own our own thoughts. Slowly over time, the people showing you TV commercials, broadcasting the news, magazine publishers, social media behemoths, have curated your brain into their sponge, to absorb and soak up all they have to offer by making you think you aren’t good enough until you have what they are selling. We lost our minds, and to some degree they now it in their hands.

Our ability to simply concentrate is below that of a goldfish as scientifically studied at 8 seconds. A goldfish can keep its concentration at 9 seconds. Why and how have we been outshined by a fish? Is it because we have been endlessly exposed to fathomless layers of media, technology and communications of all kinds at a lightening pace that is far beyond our ability to intuitively, wisely and responsibly digest and manage? Or is that that we are raising children who have no ability to sit still unless you give them a cell phone, iPad or electronic game. Or is it because our self-esteem and creativity have been beaten down so badly by the institutions of education, our parents, and “what we don’t have that they have” on social media?

Perhaps it all of the above. Regardless we are losing control, at least we are losing our ability to be well-grounded and sure-footed with who we are that gives us the clarity and the realization we are good enough as we are. As a matter of fact, we are far better than we think we are, and far more powerful than we can ever imagine.

The only thing in the way of realizing that is “you”. Yup. If you can find your way back to yourself, you will see the illusion that’s out there and being played in front of your very eyes. Not to say it isn’t “real”, it’s just that you’ll see and find your own significance and connection to everything, everyone in every place, and this one unified field of energy is far more important, and vast, and grand than a simple pair of new shiny shoes. Once you go there, those shoes, that car, that funky new umbrella will look feebly unimportant and petty to you.  That lustre of consuming wears off fast, and you will be very aware of it, and therefore you won’t succumb to the bait, that photo-shopped post, that advertisement, to rob you of your money and the earth’s resources and our home.

You stop being an unconscious consumer once you drink the Kool-Aid, the Kool-Aid of “conscious awareness”. Your ego purchases will sulk into the shadows and eventually become non-existent. You will “wake-up”. You will be thoughtful and caring in your purchases, even compassionate.

But how to find this “conscious awareness”? It all starts with your Heart. Yes, that energy source that is in the middle of your chest. Why your heart? I won’t give you the secret, but can only tell you that you will understand once you start focussing there.

To become aware of it takes practice and practice takes time, but it will be the best investment you ever made.

Once your heart is fully open you will experience a silent and profound knowingness of the intelligence within you that is connected to something much bigger and all around and deep within you. There is a melting-together, a bonding or even one could say a dissolving into “it”. That intelligence is what we call Source, God, Brahma,Yahwey or whatever your preference, but it exists, its powerful beyond anything, and its free!

To open your Heart is simply done by practicing sitting in stillness, in quiet, and focussing in on your Heart as an energy emitting and accepting love. Breathe in Love, and exhale Love. Breathe in the Love of those who love you, and breathe out Love for those you love. Continue doing that and at some time after some practice, you will begin to have some new thoughts, some new clarity, some new peacefulness within you.

Eventually with more practice you will slip into a state of complete nothingness. You will become no-one, no-thing, no-where, in-no-time. That is when you will enter the quantum field where you are every-one, every-thing, every-where in every-time. This is the space of endless possibility. This is where you manifest your life. This is the consciousness that is needed to change the problems of the world that were created unconsciously.

Once you go there, you want this more than all the tea in China, or all the shoes, or all the cars, or all the…

If you want a short cut to get there, read here

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