What is Meditation and why do it?

So what is mediation all about? Please don’t think its creepy or something only hippies do or people in orange robes who chant. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Alexander Bell, The Beatles and a bunch of celebrities have made it a part of their life. So just think; what it did and does for them, it will do for you.

Here is a kinda deep explanation of what meditation is. Trust me, it will start to make more and more sense the more you meditate.


…is not about gaining an identity or trying to learn to be a certain way. It is not about trying to become peaceful or wise or even enlightened. In meditation
, you simply become aware. You become aware of “what is”.

In meditation you turn your focus back upon yourself and notice what is revealed. When you do this, the ego structure begins to crumble and you will see what is behind all the desires, distractions, opinions, beliefs, worries
 and emotions.

When you go behind everything that the mind has created in order to feel in control and important is something
 quite tender and vulnerable, and perhaps overwhelmingly painful.  A feeling of being unimportant and alone
 and all of the fear and helplessness
 that goes with it surfaces. Your survival instincts want to protect you, you don’t want you to feel it,
 you don’t want to see it.
 The ego’s protection is to get as far away from this exposure and vulnerability as possible. You want to be important, to fit in or at least stand out. Who wants to be a nobody.

But, if you can allow yourself to let go and feel it, if you can allow yourself to be that small helpless nobody, if you just allow it all to be as it is
 at the very core, then you fall into the essence 
which is behind it. You become immersed and meld
 into what is behind it. And that is infinite love, that is peace in your heart.

You do not hold love and peace
 as though it was an object to attain, you simply dissolve into its beauty and depth. It bubbles up from your true essence and spills into
 every level of your being because you have let go
 of the very idea of trying to be a someone, you detach from your ego.

A true introduction back to self, to know the essence of who you are is to know the essence of your creator.


So, I hope you begin to understand that it’s really all about finding yourself.

The next blog, I will explain what “chatter of the mind” is and how you can overcome it. This will bring me into the topic of Mindfulness and how you can introduce it into your daily life in a hundred different ways.

Metta 🙂


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