Your Journey Begins

“Just Do it!”

Nike’s famous statement applies in meditation practice as well. You can’t start anything unless you actually start! So, why not try something new that will bring amazing changes to your life. Like all new things, it takes effort and practice. Just think of tennis, golf, driving, running distances, learning languages and so on. The more you practice the better the results.

So I laid out a nice technique below and set of instructions to begin your new practice. Try it out and see how you feel. Then do it again and again until you can’t go without it.



Commit conscious intention to meditate daily at a specific time for a specific length of time desirably in the same peaceful setting . Start with 15 minutes, then graduate.


Meditate (concentrate) on an object of attention like the subtle feeling of air passing by your nostrils. Gently come back to it when you lose focus. Repeat. Don’t judge yourself and think you can’t do it. You never gave up on learning how to walk or ride a bike, did you? You are beginning and developing a muscle.

Meditation is about clearing the mind from the chatter and thoughts about the past and future. It is about being in the present moment and letting that unfold into a state of clarity, bliss, kindness, self-love, compassion, joy and happiness. The more you meditate, the deeper those feelings and senses become. I’ll cover a lot of that in my blog:)

How to Meditate



Have a clear sense of purpose, remind yourself why you are meditating. Is it calmness, peacefulness, relaxation, awakening, enlightenment?


 What do you hope to accomplish this session; not giving up? remaining patient?


Be easy on yourself. Hold goals lightly- just enjoy and savour any achievement and let go of any resistance or judgement.


Engage whole-heartedly. Resolve to practice diligently no matter how it each sitting goes.


Do a quick inventory before you practice; ie problems, stresses, what your mind is occupied with, regrets, doubts. Acknowledge them and set them aside for now.


Get comfortable.

Adjust any supports.

Head, neck, back aligned- not leaning in any direction

Shoulders even

Hands level with each other, either clasping in your lap or hand on each knee

Lips closed

Teeth slightly apart

Tongue on the roof of your mouth, tip of your tongue slightly toughing your teeth

Eyes closed, slightly down. Eases tension in face and forehead

Breath through your nose, lips closed

Relax and enjoy

Scan your body for tension, then let it go

Your body should be like a lump of soft clay, soft and stable, completely pliant


Now follow the 6 Point Preparation above, then the Process, also above. Enjoy

“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?” – Rumi

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