May you dive into yourself and find treasure

More than ever we need to create peace in our world(s)- our internal world and our external world. Only from within we can change what we experience in our life. Controlling our thoughts is the foundation to creating a better life, a calmer life, and more peace, abundance, love and happiness. The process of “inner work” is by diving into ourselves to heal, to find peace and expand our consciousness.

I teach Meditation 101 for beginners, and for those who are on the path of raising their consciousness, their vibrational frequency.

Learn the peaceful yet powerful and transformative practice of stilling the mind and balancing your natural rhythm through contemplation and guided meditation. 

Meditation can change your life.

Experience a restful state of calm, equanimity, abundance, gratitude and love. These are but just a few of the many benefits meditation and mindfulness can bring into your world.

Science has shown meditation can improve health, improve brain functioning and lower risk of many diseases. Meditation can improve your outlook on life and bring you more clarity, joy and lovingness into your daily experiences. 

For many people, a steady practice can transform relationships and attract new and expansive connections and deeper friendships into ones life.

There are many things to worry about and fear in todays changing world, however, controlling your mind from going down the negative path and remaining in a positive and peaceful state can easily be achieved with practice. This ability will protect you from the ups and downs we frequent experience when we are not in control of our thinking. We far too often believe the thoughts in our minds. They are just thoughts. Nothing more.

With guidance and practice, a calm, peaceful and empowered state of being to ride out any storm can be achieved. Further, an in-the-moment presence of the here-and-now permeates the reality in and around us. We’ become good with everything that’s going on in our lives. We become accepting, compassionate, giving, loving. We stop the resistance, the internal conflict.

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Peace & Love


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