Why I love Mindfulness and Meditation.

This life-changing practice has influenced my life profoundly, and through this site, I will be sharing how I found happiness, joy and meaning. My new outlook on life was formed by what I learned years ago when I started running away to escape my insane life, and how I would try and get my act together before I retuned home. Sadly, I’m talking about my adult life, not when I was a kid. Ugh

Being an adult and feeling hopelessly lost about the meaning of life is hard to deal with. Getting past and through that is even harder. I needed to find meaning. In other words, I wasn’t happy inside and it showed and it affected everything and everyone around me. I felt disconnected from myself, lost and depressed. If I was feeling so lost, that meant I needed to find Me.

The lessons from my experiences of looking for myself didn’t come without a lot of work and discomfort. I had to accept all the bad with the good. So many huge “aha” moments and incredible insights made all the emotional pain and suffering of looking in my closet full of skeletons worth it.

I’m not about healing you, fixing you or curing you. I’m about sharing tools with you.

What I learned through all my travels and deep soul-searching sprouted the seeds of life-changing lessons that has provided me with tools, insight and understanding, as well as new found joy, love, gratitude, connection and happiness. My life is pretty sweet and exciting now, and yet peaceful.

So, I want to share with you everything I know, learned, experienced and discovered in the birthplaces of Buddhism, Hinduism, Yoga and Tantra with masters, monks and swami’s who doted on me to “get-it“. They taught me that meditation to them is like water to someone in the desert.

I want to share the best books, teachers, retreats, resources and practices that has shaped and unfolded the flowering of my life, and those around me.

Finding myself was by far the best thing I ever did. It saved my life.

Read my stuff. Take a class with me if you can. You will find something for sure.



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